Does asking about a donation reduce your reward?

There are many charities doing a great deal of hard work in many places.

If you are donating to a charity , you may want to know about the policy or the way a charity operates.

Some of the feedback we receive from people is their questions regarding 100 % donation policy so we’ve dedicated a short summary of this .

Here we will explain 3 groups of charities regarding this matter .

1 The first group is the charity that claims 100 % zakat policy. This type of charity always ensures that zakat donations are never used for any costs of the charity but only given directly to the recipients.

2 The second group that does not declare a 100 % donation policy . They may use a small portion of the funds to help with the running costs of a charity .

3 The third group that declares 100 % donation policy . They claim that they use none of the donations ever to help with running costs .

Charities often may use external money to help with the costs of running the charity.

These include ;

1 Gift aid.

2 Non profit companies set up under the charity.

3 access to donations that are specifically given for the running costs .

What should be expected ?

in general whatever the structure of a charity is , its important to be transparent about everything.

Charities need to fund their running costs to help them continue the good work and help. There’s no reason to feel guilty or ashamed about this but it is important to be clear and truthful about this .

Things not to do

As a charity , its important to build trust so good communication is important.

If you’ve made a decision , then communicate your reasons and be open and always remember to listen to feedback and be ready to implement it.

At Rehmah Global relief, we welcome your questions and feedback so feel free to get in touch with us. When you contact us, we will dedicate a person to your query and he or she will ensure it’s resolved.