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About us – RGR was set up in 2021 in response to the coronavirus pandemic that saw families around the world suffer poverty and financial hardships on a global scale. We want to help transform lives and empower communities around the world, helping to break the poverty cycle and build brighter futures.

Specialist in Yearly Zakat distribution

Collecting Zakat is not just a yearly obligation for Muslims but also it is necessary that the zakat is distributed to one of the 7 categories of people whom are eligible for Zakat.

With your help, we want to grow our work and our teams allowing us to launch new campaigns and work in even more crisis-hit countries. All our projects are carefully constructed and designed to be accessible and effective. They are a blend of emergency support, short-term relief, and longer-term sustainable interventions. Our approach is a multi-focus approach means we can save lives immediately, and improve situations in the short term but also help to transform communities in the long term.


Our vision is guided by simple human morals. To give our fellow brothers and sisters around the world a decent quality of life. We believe in a world where everyone should have access to food, clean water, medicine, and education. Short-term relief is important but also to help build long-term sustainable mechanisms in communities so that they can break the cycle of poverty.

Access to education

As part of our work to help reduce poverty, we work towards providing and promoting a fair and accessible education to women, children, the disabled, and those often marginalized by the community.

Read More https://rehmahglobalrelief.org/education


Nearly a billion people across the world experience the effects of food shortage

In 2020, between 720 and 811 million people faced hunger
The number of people in the world affected by hunger increased in 2020 under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.
After remaining virtually unchanged from 2014 to 2019,
the prevalence of undernourishment (PoU) climbed to around 9.9 percent in 2020, from 8.4 percent a year earlier.


Water is a source of life, yet over 1/6th of the world’s population lack access to safe drinking water. 

Safe water, sanitation and hygiene (collectively known as WASH) are crucial for human health and well-being. Yet, millions of people globally lack adequate WASH services and consequently suffer from or are exposed to a multitude of preventable illnesses.

The ‘worst humanitarian crisis on earth’

Over the coming months, more than 8 million people in Afghanistan will be on the brink of famine.


Our work in gaza https://rehmahglobalrelief.org/gaza

Donate to help the needy in Gaza



Syrian Refugees

Today, Over a billion people live in poverty. That’s 14% of the world’s population.

In 2021, it is estimated another 150 million have fallen into poverty after the effects of Covid + Lockdown measures put in place to limit the spread of Covid.

The effects have been devastating and have left families around the world suffering and in need of help.

With the help of the Almighty, Rehmah Global Relief is a part of a movement to help those living in poverty.

We feel honoured to be given this opportunity and you too can join this global movement.

You can give a one-off or even a regular donation and we promise you 100% of your donation will be given to help those living in poverty.

Supplicating and making prayer for those in poverty to be relieved of their burden.

More so, Get in contact with us if you think you can help us in our goal. We look forward to listening to your ideas and putting them into action. Go to the contact page for details of how to get in touch.

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